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[Review] Open Course on Human Rights 2014
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  • Date2016-03-28 11:37:15
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* This course was taught in Korean.
SNU Human Rights Center held the second Open Course on Human Rights in 2014. This course dealt with various topics, such as the role of states and corporations in respecting human dignity, poverty and human rights, the relation between human rights and climate change, and access to medicines. Prominent activists and professionals provided participants with highly beneficial insights through their lectures on the various subjects. The course gave its participants a chance to learn about contemporary human rights issues and discuss about them.
More than 100 participants with diverse backgrounds gathered every Thursday night from October to December in 2014. They showed enthusiastic interests during the course and highly value their experience with our program. They said they were able to learn about specific cases of human rights violation and think about how they can actually make a difference. The participants also commented that taking this course helped them reexamine the relations between human rights and labor, poverty, states, and access. The Open Course on Human Rights will continue to deliver high-quality lectures in following year, in an effort to deepen public understanding of human rights in South Korean society.


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