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A Fact-Finding Study on Human Rights Education in Higher Education Institutions (2014)
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Senior Researcher: Chin-Sung Chung (Professor, College of Social Sciences, Seoul National University)
Researchers: Sung-Sang Yoo (Professor, College of Education, Seoul National University)
Byoung Jin Park (College of Social Sciences, Hanyang University)
Yeong-Joong Kim (Institute of Law, Hongik University)
Research Assistants: Hyeon-Soo Oh
Go-Ya Choi

* This research was commissioned by the National Human Rights Commission of Korea and the final report was published in October, 2014.
Human rights education in higher education has been studied less than the counterpart in elementary and secondary schools. This is problematic considering that universities are not free from human rights violations between faculty and students. Also, university is where professionals are trained and is a bridge from school education to society for many people. Therefore, human rights education in university is highly necessary, as already stated in the 2nd UN World Human Rights Education Program. This study analyzed current situation of human rights education in Korean universities and seek for ways of improvement, by researching on human rights courses they offer, conducting a survey of students and faculty, and collecting foreign cases of human rights education in higher education. 


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