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[Report] Facts on Human Rights of Graduate Students in SNU and Policy Suggestions (in Korean)
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August 5, 2015
Released by the Research Team on Promotion of Graduate Students’ Human Rights
1. Overview
 ○ The Human Rights Center conducted regular fact-finding surveys on graduate students human rights in 2012 and 2014. Based on the results of these surveys, we made policy suggestions to promote rights and benefits of graduate students.
2. Our Journey
 ○ October, 2012 : We conducted a fact-finding survey on human rights, targeted to all SNU members. 1,352 graduate students in total responded.

 ○ October 10, 2012 : Symposium on “Human Rights in SNU”
- Addressed human rights situation and remedies to violation in major Korean and foreign universities
- Reported the results of our fact-finding survey
  - Included graduate students’ rights and benefits into the discussion of human rights of all members of SNU

 ○ October, 2014 : We conducted a fact-finding survey on human rights, targeted to graduate students and received 1,488 responses in total. Questions related to right to decent living and right to education were added to the previous questionnaire that we used in 2012.

 ○ November 26, 2014 : Conference on the Institutional Improvement of the Graduate School
  - Analyzed the results of the fact-finding survey we conducted in October, 2014
- Made overall policy suggestions on the Graduate School
- Panels were composed of SNU members (graduate students, faculty, staffs) and faculty and graduate students of other universities

 ○ March – July, 2015 : Two members of our research team took part in the National Human Rights Commission’s research project on research environments of graduate students, one as a member of its review committee and the other as a researcher, respectively.

 ○ August 5, 2015 : We published a booklet “2014 Survey Report on the Human Rights of Graduate Students and Relevant Policy Suggestions”
3. Major Policy Suggestions
 ○ We analyzed our survey, focusing on minimum cost of living and working condition, to improve economic condition and research environments as a gate to the promotion of graduate students’ rights to decent living and education.

 ○ We drafted and suggested a code of conduct on education/research/work for the promotion of graduate students’ basic rights and research environment, with a reference to a draft of the Human Rights Guideline for All SNU Members.

 ○ We urged a release of information on the graduate school institution in general as well as the students’ life and career, for promotion of right to know and efficient circulation of the information.

 ○ Other suggestions that we made included establishment of college-level mediation committee dealing with conflicts among the members -faculty, students, staffs- and a revision of rules regarding master’s and doctoral candidates.


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