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Korean ODA and Integration of Human Rights into Development Cooperation (2014)
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Full PDF (in Korean):
Principal researcher: Joo-Young Lee (Expert Advisor, Human Rights Center, Seoul National University)
Co-researcher: Anselmo Seonghoon Lee (Executive Director, Korea Human Rights Foundation)
Research Assistant:
Yookyeong Im (MA candidate, Department of Anthropology, Seoul National University)
Eunju Jeong (Program Officer, Korea Human Rights Foundation)
Jieun Jeon (Program Manager, Korea NGO Council of Overseas Development Cooperation)
This study reviews Korean ODA policy and suggests how human rights can be effectively incorporated into ODA policies and practice. It involved the desk review of major international donors' policies regarding human rights, as well as field research in Bangladesh and Cambodia, among Korea’s major partner countries. During the field research, our research team interviewed more than 40 people working in the field of development cooperation, e.g. development practitioners in donor agencies, development NGOs, staff at the UN agencies, and academics.
* This research was commissioned by the National Human Rights Commission of Korea and the final report was published in December, 2014.


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