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International Winter Course
Human Rights and Asia

Seoul National University Human Rights Center
(Seoul, Republic of Korea)

The International Winter Course 'Human Rights and Asia' is designed to allow participants to think about the universality of human rights in particular contexts of Asia and to gain a deepened understanding about human rights issues in this region. This two-week intensive course, taught by experts who have extensive experience of working in the fields of human rights, was launched in 2014 and is held annually. It offers both general sessions on international human rights norms and human rights protection mechanisms, and thematic sessions on contemporary issues and case studies in Asia. The subjects and topics of the lectures vary from year to year. Participants will be involved in a multidimensional learning that includes not only lectures, but also presentations, discussions and visits to human rights organizations in Korea. Our course ultimately aims at fostering an interdisciplinary study and multidimensional advocacy of human rights in Asia.
  • Courses of previous years (videos added):​

6th International Winter Course 'Human Rights and Asia 2019' (7–18 January 2019): 
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5th International Winter Course 'Human Rights and Asia 2018' (8–19 January 2018): 
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4th International Winter Course 'Human Rights and Asia 2017' (9–20 January 2017): 
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3rd International Winter Course 'Human Rights and Asia 2016' (4–15 January 2016):
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2015 International Course on Human Rights and Asia banner
2nd International Winter Course 'Human Rights and Asia 2015' (5–16 January 2015):
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1st International Winter Course 'Human Rights and Asia 2014' (6–17 January 2014):
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