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Message from the Director

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The Human Rights Center was established to make Seoul National University (SNU) a community where all members have mutual care and respect for one another.

SNU established the Sexual Assault Advice Line in the year 2000, but with the recent creation of the Human Rights Advice Line we hope to deal with a broader range of human rights issues on campus. Through both measures mentioned above, the Human Rights Center not only receives reports of human rights violations but also has as its primary mission to find solutions to these issues. We are more than pleased to help you in case of consultation requests via phone calls, emails and visits to the Center.

The Human Rights Center also focuses on educating and fostering a culture of respect in Seoul National University. In addition to the Sexual Assault Counseling Service, we conduct specialized training programs for each department to raise awareness on a wide range of human rights issues. There are forums open for the entire SNU community, as well as periodic surveys on human rights. We also hold symposiums to discuss about the current situation of human rights on campus and possible improvements. Furthermore, we try to raise awareness on human rights through various cultural events.
The Human Rights Center continuously conducts systematic and in­depth research for the promotion of human rights. We establish effective measures against the human rights abuses in the university, raised through our counseling service and discuss human rights issues related to Korea and the world. By collecting and distributing diverse human rights information both internally and externally, the SNU Human Rights Center hopes to become not only a national but a global human rights institution.

The SNU Human Rights Center is always by your side.
Let us unite in making Seoul National University a place of respect for human rights. 

Lee, Junejeong
Director of Seoul National University Human Rights Center


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