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- The ombudsperson investigates and handles complaints, provides consultation, and seeks a solution for complaints and related human rights violations.
- The ombudsperson conducts research and surveys on complaints and system improvement. We also make suggestions and voice our opinion to relevant departments and institution within SNU.
- In addition, we carry out other necessary work to improve related administrative systems, etc.


- Accepting complaints: We consult and receive complaints from SNU members.
- Fact-finding: We ask the parties concerned with the complaint to provide an explanation or related data.
- Remedies: Mediation process can be conducted between the parties upon request or ex officio. We make a suggestion and voice our opinion to the President of SNU and/or the head of the relevant department.
- Notification of results: The complainant will be notified of how the ombudsperson addressed his or her complaint.


- The Ombudsperson suggests the President of SNU or the head of the relevant department to correct its illegal or unfair dealing or unreasonable administrative system which has caused the complaint.
- If it is recognized that the complaint has a merit, the ombudsperson express its views on behalf of the complainant to the President or to the head of the related department.
- If it is deemed necessary to improve the administrative system, etc., the ombudsperson makes suggestions or delivers an opinion to the President or the head of the related department.
- If there is any concern of increasing damage due to continuing human rights violations, the ombudsperson requests interim measures such as immediate cessation of the human rights violation, spatial separation, and other necessary measures to secure the safety of the victim.

Forwarding the case

- If the ombudsperson’s case is deemed more appropriate to be handled by the counseling office of the Human Rights Center, we may forward the case to the counseling office.


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