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How to file a complaint

What can I file a complaint about?

- Grievances and related human rights violations, etc.
- Grievances: Complaints regarding SNU’s illegal and unfair dealings, either active or passive (including omissions) that infringe upon the rights and interests of the members of SNU or cause inconvenience or unreasonable burden to the members; complaints regarding conflicts and disputes among the members of SNU.
- Human rights violations: Sexual harassment, sexual violence, or other types of human rights violations that cause inconvenience or burden to the members, such as workplace harassment prescribed in the Labor Standards Act. 
* Labor Standards Act Article 76-2 (Prohibition against Workplace Harassment) No employer or employee shall cause physical or mental suffering to other employees or deteriorate the work environment beyond the appropriate scope of work by taking advantage of superiority in rank, relationship, etc. in the workplace.

Who is eligible to file a complaint?

- Members of SNU such as students, faculty members and staff can consult and report to the ombudsperson.
- Ombudsperson is available for anyone who is studying or working at SNU, but not just full-time enrolled students or full-time academic or administrative staff members.
- A third party can both consult and file a complaint. However, when reporting please make sure you respect the victim’s intent and opinion.

How can I file a complaint?

Phone counseling: 02-880-2007
Email counseling:
In-person counseling: Woojeongwon(153) #413
* For in-person counseling, please schedule an appointment by phone in advance.
* Hours: Mon~Fri 10:00~17:00
* Download Complaint Form: Binary DataSNU Ombusperson_Application for Petition.hwp


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