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Related Organizations

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Related Organizations

Human rights organs/organizations

1. National Human Rights Commission of Korea

2. Anti-corruption & Civil Rights Commission of Korea

3. Korean Human Rights Foundation

4. Korean Human Rights Policy Institute

Anti-sexual violence organs/organizations

1. Ministry of Gender Equality&Family Republic of Korea
Gender Equality

Protection of Human Rights

2. Korean National Police Agency


Legal support organs

1. Korean Legal Aid Center for Family Relations

2. Korean Legal Aid Corporation

3. MINBYUN-Lawyers for a Democratic Society

4. GongGam Human Rights Law Foundation

5. Korea Communications Standards Commission

6. Korea Legal Aid Center for family

Medical support organs

Seoul National University Health Service Center

Other related public organs

Personal Information Protection Commission

Financial Supervisory Service

Press Arbitration Commission

Korea Consumer Agency

The Center for Gender Affairs at Ewha Woman University

UST Student Sexual Harassment Help Desk

Counseling Center for Gender Equality at Sogang University

Center for Ethics and Human Rights at KAIST

THe Counseling and Career Development Center at Korea University of Technology and Education


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