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What is the ombudsperson?

The ombudsperson of SNU is established in order to effectively address grievances from the members of SNU due to many different causes such as unreasonable system, insufficient physical facilities, inappropriate cultural environment, or disputes among the university members. It is based on an ombudsman system, in which an official is appointed to investigate and resolve citizens’ complaints regarding the administration. 

What does an ombudsperson do?

We help to address concerns and conflicts that are hard to confide or difficult to tackle alone. For example, if you are having a hard time with an unreasonable school system or conflicts arising among colleagues at your lab or office, you are always welcome to seek help from the ombudsperson. By listening to concerns of our members, the ombudsperson aims to create human rights friendly campus for all.


The ombudsperson of SNU is constituted of former and current faculty members who are not only equipped with professional knowledge and experience in human rights issues and university administration, but also can perform related tasks fairly.
Currently, the following three faculty members are taking up the role of the ombudsperson.
- Lee, Jang Gyu, Professor Emeritus (College of Engineering, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering) / Chief Ombudsperson
- Lee, Joon Koo, Professor Emeritus (College of Social Science, Department of Economics) / Ombudsperson
- Moon, Joo, Professor (College of Fine Arts, Department of Sculpture) / Ombudsperson


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