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Director of the SNU HRC (Also the Director of the Human Rights Advice Line)
Name Position Office Number
Lee, June Jeong
(Professor of College of Humanities)
Director of Human Rights Center 02-880-2430
Kim, Jun Yeon Director of Human Rights Counseling Department,
Sexual Harassment and Violence Counseling Department


Name Position Office Number e-mail
Lee, Jang Gyu
(Professor Emeritus of College of Engineering)
Chief Ombudsperson 02-880-2008
Lee, Joon Koo
(Professor Emeritus of College of Social Science)
Ombudsperson 02-880-2009
Kim, Heui Baik
(Professor of College of Education)
Ombudsperson 02-880-2010
Department Name Phone Number e-mail
Counseling Department Shin, Hyun-Seok 02-880-2422
Kim, Min-Kyoung 02-880-2423
Lee, Eunoo 02-880-2424
Oh, Hyo-Jin 02-880-2425
Ombudsperson Park, Hong-Kyu 02-880-2007
Research Department - -
Lee, Joo-Young 02-880-2426
Kang, Hyo-Won 02-880-2429
Education Department Kim, Chae-Youn 02-880-2427
Administration Office Park, Sae-Jin 02-880-2421
Choi, Eun-Jin

Steering Committee

  • 6 Ex officio Members (Director, Deputy Director, Dean of Academic Affairs, Dean of Student Affairs, Dean of Research Affairs, Chief of General Administration)
  • 4 Appointed Members (Professors at SNU)
  • 2 Staff Members, 2 Student Members, 1 Member from Outside
  • The total number of committee is 15
Name Affiliation Note
Lee, June Jeong Professor of College of Humanities Director of Human Rights Center/Chair
Lee, Jang Gyu Professor Emeritus of College of Engineering Chief Ombudsperson/Ex officio
Kim, Jun Yeon Human Rights Center Director of Human Rights Counseling Department,
Sexual Harassment and Violence Counseling Department/Ex officio
Oh, Byeongkweon Department of Mathematical Sciences, College of Natural Sciences Dean of Academic Affairs/Ex officio
Yoo, Junehee Department of Physics Education, College of Education Dean of Student Affairs/Ex officio
Kang, Byeongcheol College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Dean of Research/Ex officio
Park, Yoongsoo Bureau of General Administration Director-General of General Administration/Ex officio
Kwon, Ohnam Department of Mathematics Education, College of Education faculty member/appointed
Song, Jiewuh Department of Political Science and International Relations, College Of Social Sciences faculty member/appointed
Noh, Sangho Department of Dentistry, School of Dentistry faculty member/appointed
Kim, Sangyoung Bureau of General Administration Staff Member/appointed
Lee, Hoyoung College of Engineering Staff Member/appointed
Song, Ilchan Department of Anthropology, College of Social Sciences Student Member/commissioned
Cho, Jaehyun College of Liberal Studies Student Member/commissioned
Jang, Dahye Korean Institute of Criminology Member from Outside/commissioned
※ The term of committee members in Human Rights Center is 2 years



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