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Director of the SNU HRC (Also the Director of the Human Rights Advice Line)
Name Position Office Number
Lee, Sangwon
(Professor of Law)
Director 02-880-2430
Department Name Phone Number e-mail
Counselling Department Kim, Hye-Yeon
Lee, Kyong-Hee
Kim, Ji-Eun
Research Department Lee, Joo-Young 02-880-2426
Education Department Kim, Chae-Youn 02-880-2427
Administration Office Han, Nan-Suk
Choi, Eun-Jin

Steering Committee

  • 6 Ex officio Members (Director, Deputy Director, Dean of Academic Affairs, Dean of Student Affairs, Dean of Research Affairs, Chief of General Administration)
  • 4 Appointed Members (Professors at SNU)
  • 2 Staff Members, 2 Student Members, 1 Member from Outside
  • The total number of committee is 15
Name Affiliation Note
Lee, Sangwon Department of Law, School of Law Director of Human Rights Center/Chair
  Vacancy Director of Sexual Harassment and Violence Counseling Department/Ex officio
Shin, Seokmin Department of Chemistry, College of Natural Sciences Dean of Academic Affairs/Ex officio
Joung, Hyojee Department of Public Health, Graduate School of Public Health Dean of Student Affairs/Ex officio
Yoon, Euijoon Department of Materials Science and Engineering, College of Engineering Dean of Research/Ex officio
Park, Yoongsoo Bureau of General Administration Director-General of General Administration/Ex officio
Lee, Junejeong Department of Archaeology and Art History, College of Humanities faculty member/appointed
Kwon, Ohnam Department of Mathematics Education, College of Education faculty member/appointed
Noh, Sangho Department of Dentistry, School of Dentistry faculty member/appointed
Noh, Yoosun Department of Biological Sciences, College of Natural Sciences faculty member/appointed
Jung, Sanggu Administrative Management Team, Bureau of General Administration Staff Member/appointed
Kim, Yongin Division of Facilities Management, Bureau of Construction and Facilities Management Staff Member/appointed
Moon, Geo Department of English Language and Literature, College of Humanities Student Member/commissioned
Jung, Kyusung Department of Philosophy, College of Humanities Student Member/commissioned
Jang, Dahye Korean Institute of Criminology Member from Outside/commissioned
※ The term of committee members in Human Rights Center is 2 years



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