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Offline Education Service

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Every human being has dignity and rights, and responsibility to respect other human rights.

Human rights/gender equality education

  • Every member of SNU, including faculty, staffs, students, must attend human rights/gender equality education sessions once or more times a year.
  • Offline sessions of human rights/gender equality can be held for members of SNU by requests.

Human rights/gender equality educational program (lecture, discussion, counselling, presentations, workshops and etc)

Subjects Format Participants Time Etc
Human rights/gender equality
  • Improve human rights/gender sensibility
  • Prevent for gender-based violence domestic violence, sex trafficking violence
  • Prevent workplace bullying
  • Special education for manager position (ex. leadership education)
  • Recovering community membership education
Offline sessions Undergraduate students (by department/student council/student club etc), Graduate students, faculty members, staffs, institutions. More than one hour Specially organized for the participates



Request and inquires

  • SNU Human Rights center, Education team
  • TEL : 02-880-2427
  • E-mail :


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